Effee’s Frozen Favorites review

Tip top toppings

In today’s blog I will be reviewing Effee’s Frozen Favorites. It is located in Warrenton, Virginia. I personally would probably not recommend Effee’s. So I will tell you why.

First, the line was very long. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing. But I went on Saturday a night and a had to go to the bathroom. So I went to the one next door that was pretty far away. And when I got back my Dad was still in line.

Next, they have a lot topping options but only 4 flavors. Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist. I was a bit upset about that but however they’re main thing is mainly sundaes and milkshakes. I got ice cream so I can not speak on their other stuff but they did have much more sundae options then ice cream.

They also give very big portions. So it takes a long time to finish it, and its starts melting. And when it starts melting it gets melty and starts to taste worst. I did not like that factor very much.

In conclusion I rate Effee’s a 7/10. Honestly not that bad it just had a few factors I did not like.

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