Halloween Special!

With halloween just around the corner. You know I had to get some halloween ice cream. So I stopped at Ice cream Jubilee for their Gravedigger Dirt sundae. Let’s just say the first thing I did was I dug in.

Anyway I think it’s time to get to the actual review. The Gravedigger dirt sundae has chocolate ice cream covered with oreo crumbs, gummy worms, a pumpkin candy and and piece chocolate on top.

First thing, I am not a huge fan of chocolate ice cream. But I thought their chocolate ice cream was great. It felt very fresh, I loved it. I would for sure recommend.

The pumpkin candy was not that good in my opinion. But they don’t make candy (well I don’t think so). So I am not going to judge them on that. But that was probably my least favorite part of the sundae.

The oreos were just everyday oreos, and the same being for the gummy worms. So not too much exciting stuff about those. But I did not expect anything magnificent about the gummy worms or the oreo crumbs.

My final rating! I would give it a 10/10 for creativity and 8.5/10 for taste. Overall I would give it a 9/10! Very yummy and perfect for halloween!

Gwenie’s Pastries

I went to Gwenie’s Pastries! It is a filipino bakery. By the way I am not filipino so this review might be a little different from someone with a filipino background.

They had a lot of yummy options. But I decided to get donuts, so I got pandan and ube. I personally did not really like it and I will tell you why!

The donut was very creamy and I did not like that very much. I personally think that donuts need thick filling. And I thought the filling at Gwenie’s tasted like thin cream cheese.

Also the donut was just too much. very big, really sugary, and got messy. Those are some of my big red flags in dessert shops. So going off that this place was not one of my favorites.

My final rating is a B. Not for me. But if you are filipino you might consider trying it or even if you are not and you want to try a dessert from a different country I would recommend.

Duck Donuts

photo credits: @veemking on pinterest

Duck, Duck, Donut! Guess what? I went to Duck Donuts, so I am going to share my review.

There was a lot of options of donuts I could get. But I decided to customize my own. I got a lemon donut with crushed up oreos and raspberry syrup.

The taste was really good. It never got too sugary for me at any point. So they gets points for that, also the donut was very moist, fresh and very yummy.

I really liked it but, there is just not much to write about. It did good in every category but not outstanding. This was one of my harder articles to write because Duck Donuts did not have anything really interesting.

What time is it???? Grading time! I give Duck Donuts a A. Really good but could there be a better donut shop? Probably so I will keep exploring.

Have you ever been to Duck Donuts? If so tell me what you thought. You either email me your answer dmvdessertz@gmail.com or you can comment down below.

Georgetown Cupcakes

photo credits: Georgetown Cupcake SOHO’s Pinterest

If your from the DMV you must have heard about the famous cupcake shop Georgetown Cupcake. Today I reviewed it! So let me tell you my thoughts.

First thing I went on a Sunday night and I thought there was going to be a huge line because that’s what their famous for, and nope only a line with 3 groups of people.

Next, I got the red velvet cupcake. It is Georgetown Cupcake’s signature cupcake, so I thought it was the best decision. It was really good, a bit sugary for me but it was pretty small so I could finish it. I loved the taste of the frosting! Probably the best frosting I ever had! Also, I thought the cake/bread part was amazing. It was very moist and had some velvet flavor in it.

My rating on the one and only Georgetown Cupcakes. Is 9/10. It’s now my favorite non ice cream place.

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