Duck Donuts

photo credits: @veemking on pinterest

Duck, Duck, Donut! Guess what? I went to Duck Donuts, so I am going to share my review.

There was a lot of options of donuts I could get. But I decided to customize my own. I got a lemon donut with crushed up oreos and raspberry syrup.

The taste was really good. It never got too sugary for me at any point. So they gets points for that, also the donut was very moist, fresh and very yummy.

I really liked it but, there is just not much to write about. It did good in every category but not outstanding. This was one of my harder articles to write because Duck Donuts did not have anything really interesting.

What time is it???? Grading time! I give Duck Donuts a A. Really good but could there be a better donut shop? Probably so I will keep exploring.

Have you ever been to Duck Donuts? If so tell me what you thought. You either email me your answer or you can comment down below.