Gwenie’s Pastries

I went to Gwenie’s Pastries! It is a filipino bakery. By the way I am not filipino so this review might be a little different from someone with a filipino background.

They had a lot of yummy options. But I decided to get donuts, so I got pandan and ube. I personally did not really like it and I will tell you why!

The donut was very creamy and I did not like that very much. I personally think that donuts need thick filling. And I thought the filling at Gwenie’s tasted like thin cream cheese.

Also the donut was just too much. very big, really sugary, and got messy. Those are some of my big red flags in dessert shops. So going off that this place was not one of my favorites.

My final rating is a B. Not for me. But if you are filipino you might consider trying it or even if you are not and you want to try a dessert from a different country I would recommend.