The Ice Cream Cottage

In today’s blog I will be reviewing the Ice cream cottage. It is in Halethorpe, MD. So let’s get right into it!

First it sells Hershey’s Ice cream. If you don’t know Hershey’s Ice cream is basically a huge ice cream company that sells in a bunch different ice cream stores.

(Tell me if you want me to do a full article about Hershey’s ice cream.)

The problem that I have with ice cream shops selling Hershey’s ice cream is that one; it makes me think they truly just sell ice cream for the money and they are not creative. And by the way they ONLY sell Hershey’s Ice cream so none of their ice cream is actually made by them. So its really not the Ice Cream Cottage’s brand.

One good thing about the Ice cream cottage is it is very cheap. It was about $4.50 thats a very good price. Especially because they’re are some ice cream shops in the DMV that are twice the price.

My overall rating of the Ice cream Cottage is 6/10. It is meh, pretty good ice cream but nothing special or nothing that stands out too much.